Who's the coolest guy on the planet?

coolest guy on the planet
Am I the coolest guy on the planet?


Now, before you start thinking that I'm full of myself, let me explain what this web site is really all about.

In a blog post I made, I talked about the need for your site to actually be related to the links that point to it. One example I gave was the coolest guy on the planet search phrase, versus the miserable failure search phrase.

In the past, searching for "miserable failure" brought up a completely unrelated web page. Due to Google's new algorithm that does away with the "Google bomb" or "link bomb" effect, that is no longer the case.

My post discussed why this doesn't work anymore.

In one of the comments on that post, Alex Newell suggested that I setup a site and try to get it to rank for the phrase "coolest guy on the planet", using the site to test various linking strategies and methods, etc.

Thus this site was born.

What I am attempting to prove here is that by following the directions Google gives in its Webmaster Guidelines, you can rank a site for a keyword phrase using 100% "white hat" methods.

In the pages below you will see outlined the methods I am using, and the progress I am making in implementing each of the steps from Google's guidelines.

The Steps

The steps that I will focus on in trying to attain the top position for coolest guy on the planet at Google are the five steps listed under "When your site is ready" in Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

I am following their Design guidelines as well, but since I'm mostly focused on linking methods here, I'm not going to discuss those in detail.

  1. Have other relevant sites link to yours
  2. Submit the site to Google
  3. Submit a sitemap to Google
  4. Tell related sites about your site
  5. Submit your site to the right directories
Each of those links goes to a page that expands on how I am working to achieve what Google says I should be doing to rank well. None of the methods are shifty or questionable. I am going 100% "white hat" on this site.


One last point I want to make is that Google loves content, so I am making sure that every page has at least five hundred or more words of actual content on the page, with the only exception being the progress report page.

Also, I am not using any fancy fonts, stylesheets or other super-slick methods of making the site look great. It is just your basic informational site. I want to prove that you don't have to be an HTML genius or graphic artist to have a site ranked well. In fact, trying to make your site too glorious in appearance often works against you.

I've started adding other miscellaneous articles to the site, and will put them in the list below as I write them:

  1. How'd you get such a nice description in Google?
  2. Using three-way links instead of reciprocal links.
  3. The coolest baby on the planet.

Progress Reports

As I make progress, I will update my progress report page (which will ultimately have a lot more than five hundred words, but not initially). So watch that page for changes, etc. It is a timeline of everything I have done here.

Site Map

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